About G-Planet

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What is G-Planet?

G-Planet is a location-base information search application for gay-related resources. Looking for guys, a social network. Looking for places, a direction for what you want. For the social, not just browsing on a flat surface of screen, your visibility is dynamically calculated depending on your and other side's activity. That will make cruising more fun. For places, when you just feel like to check in somewhere that meets your current desire, location base search result will help you find a matching place like a bar, cafe, lounge, shop or sauna for relaxation.


Social distance

With the help of recent mobile device technology, we can trace people's locations around almost 'real-time'. To immerse yourself in a dynamically updating virtual society is exciting. There are already many applications for those who enjoy chasing and hunting in a virtual world. We'd like to add one more factor to make it more exciting and more social.

Social Distance we introduced in this system is a new concept. You would probably like to control your privacy according to the person who you like or not like. You want to be more open to close friends or someone who you want to tempt. On the other hand you want to put a distance from someone you don't really want. This system measures the Social Disntace by many factors that can be measured online, like frequency of interaction, assesment of each other, popularity in the network so on. Compute decides Social Distance automatically and determines how much you are exposed to a specific someone.

People and Places

There are 2 types of material in this world. Humans ( or android perhaps? ) and Places. People is a kind of moving material which reflects locations on the App. Places show fixed locations that don't move but we are mostly interested in to look for.

Dynamically updating locations

As seen in many GPS applications for mobile devices, G-Planet provides real-time updated information which is updated dynamically according to members' activity.


Not only information about yourself by youself, you are expected to provide more information about locations and people. To make the data updated and help others who are interested, feel free to provide the latest status of locations, stores, bars, restaurants... One some data is found incorrect or inappropreate, report us to take a quick action.